Ant Man and the Wasp New International Poster Released

International Poster and T.V. Spot Unleashed?

This sounds like a happy weekend now. The events from the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars has made so much noise these past days and now it seems somewhat monotonous. So now Ant Man and the Wasp is lined up in a month to entertain all the comic lovers and marvel fans. Marvel Cinematic Universe has started revealing news about the movie.


Recently Marvel Studios released new T.V. Spot and International Poster posing Ant Man a.k.a Scott Lang(played by Paul Rudd). This time Hope Dyne will not take a back-seat and Evangeline Lilly will be playing a big role as Wasp.

Peyton Reed had set Ant Man the most superhero way. The movie is all set to score high in terms of suits of the Ant Man, Wasp and Ghost. The movie is set before the events of Avengers: Infinity Wars and this is what that makes it much interesting as Avenger fever is not yet over in the heads of the audience. Ant-Man and the Wasp lands to Quantum Realm and will face the all new threat against a ‘villain’ called ‘Ghost’ (Hannah John-Kamen).

Talking About The Latest T.V. Spot & International Poster

The recent TV spot has been released and it says Luis (Michael Peña) gets into the action in a high-speed chase, and Wasp pulls off a neat trick using a giant PEZ dispenser. Our sources also revealed a new international poster for the movie in which both the heroes have each other’s backs. You can spot the tiny Ant-Man and Wasp hidden in the poster as well. Let me know in the comments section below if you could spot it.

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Enjoy the trailer below…..

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